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          Los Angeles International Airport

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          The artistry and functionality of terrazzo won it a star role in this large scale drama. The terminal expansion in one of world’s biggest and busiest airports centers on an installation of over 550,000 square feet of epoxy terrazzo in 11 colors on six levels. This installation demonstrates the craftsmanship and skill of the terrazzo contractor, while the simple design perfectly addresses the grand scale of the space. An unusual feature of the project is the poured-in-place, hand-ground terrazzo that wraps up the high walls and onto the ceilings at each of the 14 gate portals, a total of 11,000 square feet. The whimsical patterns in the floor create a path for traffic flow and a delineation of spaces, while allowing other colors in the design to take center stage.  Soothing neutral colors and the harmony of the various elements of the project as a whole set off terrazzo to its best advantage in this project.


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